Subject: Performing Arts(Dance/Drama/Theatre)

  • PI: Parul Shah
  • No. of Paper: 16
  • No. of Static Content: 560
  • No. of Video: 559
List of Courses
P-01.Detail study of Natyashastra, specially dance related chapters and Sangita Ratnakar : (35 Modules)
P-02.Relationship of dance and theatre, study of Rupaka and Uparupaka, traditional theatres of India : (35 Modules)
P-03.Detail study of Bharatanatyam, Devadasis-Natuvnar, Nritya and Nritta, different Bani-s, present status, institutions, artists : (35 Modules)
P-04.Detail study of Kathak, Nautch girls, Nritta, Nritya, Different Gharana-s, present status, institutions, artists : (35 Modules)
P-05.Dance, poets and poetry, religious philosophy and Indian classical dance : (35 Modules)
P-06.Dance in India today, dance-dramas, creativity within the classical forms, Indian classical dance in diaspora (USA, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.) : (35 Modules)
P-07.Modern dance and its development in the world after 1960 (USA, Europe, SEA) modern experiments in Indian classical dance, new wave after 1930, Udayshankar and later contemporary, creative artists. : (35 Modules)
P-08.Dances and dance dramas of South East Asia mask dances of South East Asia /Asia-Pacific countries research methodologies for performing arts (dance) dance therapy : (35 Modules)
P-09. Allaripu, Pushpanjali, Jatiswaram : (35 Modules)
P-10. Shabdam and Ashtapadi : (35 Modules)
P-11.Varnam : (35 Modules)
P-12.Swarajati : (35 Modules)
P-13.Padam and Javali : (35 Modules)
P-14.Kirtanam and Tillana : (35 Modules)
P-15.Dance design – Nritta of Bharatanatyam (choreography and composition) : (35 Modules)
P-16.Dance design – Nritta of Bharatanatyam (choreography and composition) : (35 Modules)


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