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P-01. Organic chemistry- I (Nature of bonding and stereochemistry) : (35 Modules)
P-02. Physical chemistry-I (quantum chemistry) : (35 Modules)
P-03. Inorganic chemistry-I (stereochemistry, metal-ligand equilibria and reaction mechanism of transition metal complexes) : (35 Modules)
P-04. Environmental chemistry : (35 Modules)
P-05. Organic chemistry-II (Reaction mechanisms-1) : (35 Modules)
P-06. Physical chemistry-II (statistical thermodynamics, chemical dynamics, electrochemistry and macromolecules) : (35 Modules)
P-07. Inorganic chemistry-II (metal-ligand bonding , electronic spectra and magnetic properties of transition metal complexes) : (36 Modules)
P-08. Physical spectroscopy : (37 Modules)
P-09. Organic chemistry-III (reaction mechanisms-2) : (30 Modules)
P-10. Physical chemistry-III (classical thermodynamics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, surface chemistry, fast kinetics) : (35 Modules)
P-11. Inorganic chemistry-III (metal -complexes and metal clusters) : (29 Modules)
P-12. Organic spectroscopy : (35 Modules)
P-13. Applications of molecular symmetry and group theory : (35 Modules)
P-14. Organic chemistry- IV (Advanced Organic Synthesis, supramolecular chemistry and carbocyclic rings) : (35 Modules)
P-15. Bioinorganic chemistry : (35 Modules)
P-16. Bio-organic and bio-physical chemistry : (37 Modules)